36Under this term we understand tightening of the abdominal skin and abdominal muscles of women after childbirth, often accompanied by liposuction of adjacent areas. The scar is in the lower abdomen over the pubis and is hidden in the underwear. The operation is under full anaesthetics, and involves pre-shaving the pubic area, stay at clinic for at least one night, and wearing tight body in the following month. A few days after the operation, abdominal pain is possible due to the stitches on the abdominal muscles, which are coped with conventional pain relievers. Hard physical activity can be resumed in a minimum one month after the intervention.

What the patient needs to know before undergoing this intervention:

To have a tight elastic belt that will have to be worn for 2-3 weeks after the intervention.

Not to take Aspirin 1 week before surgery.

To consult an anaesthesiologist before the intervention.

Blood tests.

Drainage – to be removed on the next day along with the elastic dressing.

The sutures are removed 10 days after the intervention.

Up to 5 days after the intervention no showering is allowed to avoid wound wetting. /Alternative methods of hygiene are recommended./

At least one month after the intervention, avoid heavy physical labour, lifting of heavy objects and sports.

Price: 3000 – 3600 EUR