Breast lifting

There are different methods for breast lifting depending on the degree of sagging.

Breasts can be lifted by placing breast implants, through lipofilling (fat transfer) or cutting the skin. Cutting can only be around the areola or cutting out a larger amount of skin in the lower part of the breast, leaving an anchor-shaped scar. We use the Pitanguy’s technique, modified at St. Louis – Paris Hospital. The scars are thin lines, usually hidden in the breast creases or around the areola. In this method there is no severe pain in the postoperative period. The operation lasts for about 3 hours in general anaesthesia. The stay at the clinic is one night. On the second day the drains are removed and a bra is put which has to be worn for 1 month.

If necessary, the scars can be further corrected surgically or through laser procedures.

Breast lift: 3000 EUR

Breast lift + implants: 4800 EUR