General information:

Breast enlargement is done through implants.
There are different types of implants depending on the shape and size to adapt to the physique and the wishes of each patient. There are two main ways of attaching implants depending on the muscles of the chest – sub muscles and surface muscles. At present, almost all implants are placed under the muscles for a better aesthetic appearance.
8. In modern surgery, we have a wide variety of implants, varying in size and shape. We can choose between low-profile and wide-base implants, round-shaped implants with a mediaum profile and base, round implants with a high profile and a narrower base, anatomical (drop-shaped) implants and asymmetric implants. All this diversity allows us to achieve the best results according with the individual forms of the patient and her requirements for the end result. The incision can be made at the lower verge of the areola, where it is virtually unnoticeable, or made in the curve under the breast, as desired by the patient. In either case, the woman may breastfeed after a possible future childbirth.

What patients should know before undergoing this surgery:

* They should not be in monthly menstrual cycle.
* They should not have taken Aspirin for at least a week before the intervention.
* They should not have eaten or drunk anything since midnight on the day preceding the operation.
* Usually, there is one-night stay at the clinic.
* They have to carry with themselves a bra of elastic fabric without busks or laces that will be worn on the next day (after removing the compression bandage) and in the following month after surgery.
* They should come with loose clothes that are easy to dress.

To increase bust, Dr. Dinev mainly uses three brands of breast implants: Allergan, Mentor and Nagor. A bra and a tape for the post surgery can be ordered from, + 359888668661

In busting (above prices), insert the following: A post-operation bra can be ordered from, + 359888668661


  • Breast augmentation (with implants Mentor) 3300 EUR
  • Breast augmentation (with implants Nagor) 3100 EUR
  • Breast lift + implants 4800 EUR