The term lipofilling (from lipo – adipose tissue and filling) has been introduced in contemporary plastic surgery by its discoverer – Dr. Coleman from New York, whose lectures and training Dr. Dinev MD had the honor of attending while specializing in Paris. The term “fat transfer” is used also for lipofilling.

Fat transfer is a special type of liposuction that removes the fat cells from that part of the body where they are in excess. They are processed so as to be separated from serum and electrolytes and are re-injected, during the same session, into a new location of the body where they are needed: to increase breasts, buttocks, lips or cheekbones. One month after surgery, half of the injected cells die and are metabolised. The remaining cells are fed into the new location and remain alive there. Dying cells stimulate the growth of stem cells from the fat tissue (they have increasingly been used by regenerative medicine) and thus have a beneficial effect on the skin under which they are injected. It rejuvenates, becomes more fresh and elastic, and wrinkles are smoothed.

Through the lipofilling method we can modify several different parts of the body – to reduce some of them (abdomen, love handles, waist, thighs, etc.) and increase others instead (breasts, buttocks, lips, cheekbones, etc.). In this way, we truly sculpt and change the patient’s body and the result is permanent!

Dr. Dinev MD works closely with Prof. Marita Eisenmann – Klein from Munich in the field of lipofilling, who is a world leading specialist in this field as well as in the field of regenerative medicine (a relatively new field of medicine).

Breast lipofilling 2500 EUR

body (ass) : 2200 EUR

lips: 800 EUR

cheekbones: 800 EUR