3Mesotherapy is a therapeutic or cosmetic treatment with a product or a product cocktail in minimal doses via multiple micro injections.

Mesotherapy has established itself as a successful remedy for cellulite, hair loss and skin aging. The latest trends are in the field of body shaping through lipolysis. This means that we can destroy the fat cell by injecting a cocktail of products, thus shaping the body, similar to the effect of liposuction. The effect is definitive, but several procedures are needed for the purpose. The product is injected using a pistol called Mesogun. The method is safe – the destryed fat cells reach the liver through the lymphatic pathways and are eliminated through it. The pain of the injection is bearable and the bruises and swellings are faint and disappear within a few days.


Lipolytic mesotherapy

The cocktail we use contains mainly Phosphatidylcholine. It is injected deep into the fat storages. It can be combined with ultrasound cavitation for a faster effect. Lymphodrainage massages are also recommended.

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

To smooth the “orange-peel skin” in women, we use a cocktail containing mainly Carnitine, Caffeine, Artichoke and others. The cocktail is injected deeply subcutaneously (once a month). Approximately 4 procedures are needed to smooth out cellulite. Once the effect is achieved, 1 procedure is recommended once a year for maintenance (usually in late spring).

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy can cause transient swelling and bruising for 2-3 days. For better effect, the procedure can be combined with ultrasound cavitation.

Skin-firming mesotherapy

Skin-firming mesotherapy can be used on the abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. The cocktail we use contains DMAE, coenzyme Q10, silicium and others. It is injected through Meso Gun into the skin at a depth of 2-3 mm. Approximately  4 procedures are made – once a month. Maintenance is recommended once in every 6 months. There is no swelling and bruising. It can be combined with Radiofrequency procedures for a faster effect.

Mesotherapy for hair

Prevents hair loss and increases blood flow to hair follicles, which aids the growth of new hair.

For hair loss: The initial phase should be two sessions per week for 4-5 consecutive weeks. During the maintenance phase, it should be 1 to 4 maintaining sessions in every 6 weeks, or the initial course is repeated if necessary.

Hair thinning: The initial phase should be one session per week for 6 consecutive weeks. During the maintenance phase, it should be from 1 to 3 sessions in every 8 weeks.

The treatment starts to work immediately, but the results are expected to be noticed not earlier than 3 weeks.


Mesotherapy (duration: 20 minutes, 4 procedures one every 3 weeks)
Slimming Mesotherapy – 300 BGN / 1 ampoule
Anti-Cellulite Mesotherapy The Bodyfirm – 300 BGN / 1 ampoule

Mesotherapy via Mesogun (1 procedure per month)

tightening – 300 leva
anti-cellulite – 300 leva
mesotherapy on the face 300 lv.
thickening hair – 300 lv.

Removing capillaries on the face – 200- 500 BGN

Removing facial dark spots  – 50-100 lv.