Rhinoplasty is a surgical modelling of the nose after a trauma or for aesthetic needs. There are different techniques depending on the initial and the end result, depending on whether it is necessary to affect the bone part or only the cartilage one; whether it is necessary to reduce the nostrils, to transplant cartilage or to put a prosthesis. In aesthetic rhinoplasty, incision is made inside the nostrils, leaving no visible external scars. Full anaesthesia is required in classical rhinoplasty with bone structure involvement. Provided that a slight correction is made only on the soft cartilage front part of the nose, corrections with local anaesthesia are possible.

What patients need to know before undergoing such surgery.

  1. Do not take Aspirin one week before surgery.
  2. With full anaesthesia, consultation with an anaesthesiologist is obligatory in the days before the surgery.
  3. Blood tests.
  4. With full anaesthesia, one overnight stay at the clinic is mandatory.
  5. After surgery, bruises appear around the eyes and cheeks that disappear within a few days. There is not much pain.
  6. In the post-operative period, there are tampons in the nostrils that stand for 2-3 days, and on the nose there is a plaster dressing for 7 days. The sutures are resorbed.

Price: 3000 EUR